A Writers Friend

A Writers Friend

A fantasy comedy-drama about a young woman called Jennifer who years before invented the character of Adrian who is a detective and becomes successful off the back of her creation. 

Years later, she is back to where she was years before, failed relationship, bad publisher and people trying to take advantage of her success. Reappeared Adrian, as a physical being, well imaginary. He both causes havoc and relief.


Such as a meeting with the producer who wants her to change some of her stories or else he will hire another writer to write the screenplay. (“Adrian is such an old-fashioned name, we were thinking of shortening it to Ad or Ian” “why not go the whole hog and just call me A), or her flighty publisher who comes across as camp but is actually hard as nails.


Collimating its turns out that he left because she was losing her creativity, it became just about turning out the books and not about her. 


She finally accepts herself and looks at life from a new perspective finishing her book.  Although after she finishes writing she finds that Adrian is gone again, and although sad she accepts it and knows he will be there when she writes her next book. While walking through a park sketching ideas she runs into a man who looks suspiciously like Adrian. 


Subplot: while she is writing the book, she is trying to find the killer, all of whom relate to the people in her life. There are scenes where she is in her own world with Adrian.