• Sophie Carney

How to healthy...

That is suppose to be a simple question. Well it isn't! So please join me in a string of consciousness of what i need to be healthy.

Food and Drink

We all know how to eat healthy! Eat more fruit and veg, eat less process food, drink water! I have got the last one down, the other two... well let's see if we can improve that.

I would consider myself a 'fussy' eater as in i don't like/ eat a majority of things most other people do. Luck for me this includes pizza, burgers, and fizzy drinks which would be the stereotypical unhealthy food. However this fussiness extends to how to prep, I don't enjoy mixing my food especially if includes spices / herbs. My most recent break through was a wrap with chicken and lettuce, but curry, stir-fry, salad, etc... i don't like eating mixed flavours. I am very vanilla. I would rather prepare and eat the individual ingredient. Again good, i can have chicken breast, bad i can eat a bag of crisps.

So what can i do? Eat what I like but healthier! My goal is to organise my eating habits. Everyone talks about food diary, food prep and mindful eating:

Food Diary:

Morning: Toast with Marmite, Orange Juice

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Cheese Sandwich, salt and vinegar crisps, Corner Yogurt

Snack: Drinking Yogurt

Dinner: Roast Chicken, with Roast Potato, mixed Vegetables

Evening Drink: Hot Chocolate

This is an approximation of my usual or ideal menu. Let play spot the unhealthy food.

Firstly Crisps, my archenemy, they are a staple that should be a treat, but it is harder to take out of my diet then it should be. I think I need to get a pick up, easy food to open. Then there is Hot Chocolate, my tea/ coffee of choice because I don't like tea/coffee, so i will limit my intake to one a day (I use to have up to three a day so big improvement!). So remove crisps, limit hot chocolate, what else can i add or substitute? I am going to prep lunch by using left over to make chicken wraps the next day, instead of a sandwich. I need to increase my fruit/ veg intake, therefore having snacks of carrots, apples and bananas.

As for mindful eating, with my food prep i have extra time at lunch, recently the idea that people don't pay attention when they eat, causes them to 'fog' at how much they eat or what they eat. So i want to stop eating at my desk and at home in front of the TV or my laptop. I have tried this before and you wouldn't believe how hard it actually is! But i'm hopeful that after doing it a few times i get use to it.


Today the day! The first gym season for around 6 weeks! I know not good but better late then never.

So to start off. I actually enjoy working out! But getting to the gym, whole other matter. Its amazing how hard it is to mentally go to the gym. You are tired, been at work all day, you have food in the fridge, and there you can always do something in front of the TV (even though you never have before). So I will be pledging that wind or rain, i will gym three days a week... (I'm writing this on Tuesday and already have missed a day... oops)

Here is my workout schedule:

Weekly Workout

Monday: Gym 1