• Sophie Carney

2020 Vision

I am writing this on the 13th of January, I could make the excuse that i was very ill the first two weeks of 2020 so am only just starting my new year, so I will.

Resolution 1: Health + Fitness

I thought i would start with the basics. Lose weight! yay, easy... I know it isn't especial after trying to lose weight for two and a half years already, and only going up and more up. So, what to do but try again!

Prime Goal: lose 6st in one year or half a stone a month.

Sub Goal:

1) I will gym 2-3 times a week and swim 1st a week

2) Improve diet!

3) know you can get there in the end

Thanks to illness i have alreay dropped to the (/)st 0lb so nice and round to start off with.

Resolution 2: Mind and Wellbeing

Going for all the cliches here. I need to learn to live outside of University and school, it was tough for me so having the opitunity to 'reset' my mental health so i can deal with stress when it comes, and hopefully lead to trich symptoms being stable.

Goal: Do what I need to do in order to be mentaly healthy

Sub Goal:

1) Meditate 4 times a week

2) Improve your space and enviroment to help. (Keep room clean)

3) Journal thoughts and ideas

Resolution 3: Creativity

So this is what this place is for! Carney File (to be renamed) is going to me my creative place as over the years my creativity has fallen to the wayside in favour of academia and youtube! I want to start to retrain my creativity to be productive and inspired. Wellcome to my inner thoughts!

Goal: Be Your Creative Self

Sub Goal:

1) Start and continue to Blog, Vlog or Podcastevery week (min) for the next year (at least)

2) Edit 'The Official Unofficial Detective'/ Write more of Alex Cent

3) Explore new ideas, trends and oppitunitys

Other things I want to achive...

1) Get a job in media (television)

After 4 years of university and getting First Class Hons (yes i am bragging) i want to get a job in media. Starting with work experence with ITV in February! I will also be documenting my joruney as a pennyless graduate. Wish me luck!

2) Get into a relationship

TMI- never had a boyfriend

3) I honestly don't know what this year will bring, but i hope its a good one.

Happy New Year


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