• Sophie Carney

My First Run

I did it! I did... one run! I know it doesn't seem like much but for me this is a big deal.

I decided to do my first run on Thursday, I knew that this would be relatively quieter than Friday, or Saturday. I was working til 5:00 pm so went straight after work... just like everyone else apparently, who all decided that the treadmill is the best machine in the gym. I think this is something that a lot of people worry about when they are at the gym, 'There are so many people!', 'I feel completely out of place', 'How are these people so fit and I'm not?'. But just by the fact you have thought one or more of these statements means you are not the only one. The truth is most people at the gym are too worried about their own workout and what other people think about them.

My plan was simple, set up my App, plug myself in and run. To begin with, it wasn't straightforward, probably because the treadmill was in miles per hour instead of kilometre per hour, which is what I am used to so instead of brisk walking 5 kmph I was running 5 mph or 8 kmph!!!! which I quickly slowed to 3 mph and managed to reset to kmph. So that probably throw me off, as I was doing a walk, run, walk, run cycle, 5 kmph walking and 7 kmph running.

My usual treadmill workout is starting at 5 kmph and increasing by 0.2 kmph and the incline by 0.5 (on the alternative 30-second mark, i.e. 2:00 increase speed, 2:30 increase incline) every minute for 5 minutes with a cool down for 2 mins. This is my warm-up for the rest of the gym season.

Halfway through, it was killing me! I was expecting encouragement all the way through, like someone chatting to you about the benefits. Instead, it was just a reminder of when to increase and decrease speed. Which was fine, but I would have liked more encouragement at random intervals not only when there was a speed change. Instead, I was listening to Crime Junkies, a crime storytelling podcast that I love (recommend it)! With the storytelling nature, it was perfect to just run and listen to a story. Although with me alternating between running and walking every 60 to 90 seconds, it meant I had to put the speed up and down manually, which was sometimes hard when I was running and tired.

Towards the end of the cycle of running and walking, I got into a rhythm that I didn't expect. I was able to go the full 30 minutes! My average speed was about 5.5 kmph with a distant of 2.46 km, so almost halfway to 5 Km, so not too bad. Finishing off, my calf's felt stretch, and I know my posture was entirely out of wack, so I decided to swim and sauna to cool off (although it wasn't in the sauna), which turned out to be a great idea as the next day I felt fantastic, no aches at all!

So what next? Well, I have been to the gym since, but no running still got a mental block about it. I also found my posture was poor when I was lifting weights which effected my rep count. So I need to do some Pilates to improve my posture and make a scheduled I can stick to, which I will go through in my next fitness blog. In the meantime...

The Case of the First Run: Closed.


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