• Sophie Carney

My First video... Success?

I have been working in film and television for just over five years, mainly at university. However shooting a video for my Patreon channel, was something completely different to what I am used to. For instance, I have been able to get any equipment I wanted, beautiful lights, a good camera, sound equipment... I don't have any of this at home; well except a decent photography camera, but not a film camera, also no sound equipment, and a couple of desk/ bedside lamps.

So, if you have watched it, please forgive me, I don't have the money to afford anything better. However, this is precisely what I had expected when I started making videos from home, which is why it has taken me nearly four months to start vlogging. The worry that it would not be perfect has been preventing me for starting, let alone posting. So what changed (apart from being stuck at home due to COVID-19), if I am honest, I don't know? I watched a video which even said that if you wait for something to be perfect, it will never be done. If you want to know my basic set up, it was literally my camera on a tripod my dad reached out from the garage, positioned on the corner of my bed. The lights were my bedside lamp clipped to the tripod, and my desk light as the background lighting, I completely missed the key light, so my face is pretty dark, although I don't know if that is for the better. Also, although I had a microphone, I wasn't able to connect it to the camera, so the sound quality is instead... poor. Definitely need to improve on that. Shooting the video was a 9-minute 20-second affair, where I tried various messages, and I thought it was going to be doing a mish-mash of clips, but I actually found that the last thing I said that was actually perfect for what I was trying to convey. With some video trickery and stock footage, I was able to make it flow a lot better then I expected. Editing the video took just under a day, using a lot of stock footage and some royalty-free music, I uploaded it to youtube and still have no views, almost a week later. Again, something I expected, I currently have no followers for this endeavour, but that's fine, I have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is making the content. Putting yourself out there is probably one of the hardest things to do, for me at least. I learnt a long time ago that it can lead to ridicule and bullying, another reason I have avoided it for so long. Now, however, I have a message I want to share, a talent, advice. So, I am now prepared to risk that, even if someone comes back and states something I already know. But have they put up a video expressing their passion and what they want to achieve? Probably not. So, Yes. Am I going to keep making them? Yes. Will my next video be better? Again yes, I have a degree in filmmaking! The Case of the Introduction Video: Closed

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