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My (rest-of) 2020 Challenge

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In October 2020, I finished my previous contract at my current job, going from full time to casual work. The long and short of out being meaning that I had more time on my hands, but what to do now...

Even during lockdown I was working full time, although I did end up reducing my hours at the end of August as I was running out of work at the end of the day, which in turn lead to me asking to be moved to a new contract. But now, after a year of working I now have free time until January when I start my new course in Crime Writing and Forensic Investigation (MLitt). So over the next three months I am setting my self some goals, starting with October! But first I want to share my long term goals.


Lose Weight

In My 2020 Vision I said that I wanted to lose about 6st or 40kg this year... well that hasn't happened. Good news: I haven't put on any weight, yay, but also haven't lost any, oops. It does mean that I won't be able to reach my goal (still not telling you) but that should NOT stop me! So my new challenge is my range goal, I want to lose between 10kg and 20kg or 1.5 st and 3 st between now and end of December. Which i about half of my original goal in a quarter of the time, How? How else, Diet and Exercise! The main one being my Aspire Channel Swim Challenge. Where in 12 weeks I will swim 22miles or 35.5km, more on that later.

Blog and Writing

Exciting News! I am going back to university to do a Masters in Crime Writing and Forensic Investigation. This is my dream course, only a couple of problems, one I haven't seriously written anything for a while, apart from my final year screenplay and I am a bit out of practise writing proses. So, over the next three months I am going to get back into the writing habit, this includes writing my blog post (you lucky people) and trying to write some more fiction. Although i haven't yet decide what, so for now I aim to write one blog post a week.

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