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Weight loss: Day 1

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Sophie at Capilano Bridge in Vancouver

Hello, this is past Sophie. In 2018, I was living in Vancouver, Canada, during my study abroad year. Although I was not the thinnest I have ever been, I was defiantly the happiest and most confident in my appearance. In 18 months since I have left, my weight has gone up, especially in the last year. I don't think there is anyone thing but a combination of finishing university, starting work and going on medication, which has lead to a 25kg increase.

Today, 16 January 2020, I will aim to lose between 35 kg to 40 kg over the next year. Or between 5.5 st and 6.2 st.


  • Lose per year- 38.5 kg/ 6 st

  • Lose per month- 3 kg/ 0.5 st / 7 lb

  • Lose per Week- 0.75 kg/ 1.6 lb

I won't tell you how much I should weigh at the end unless I reach it. But it would mean I would have a BMI 24.8, putting it in a healthy range.

So, current day Sophie here's what is going to happen.

  • Every day I am going to eat healthily. no crisps, one hot chocolate, more fruit... read my blog about that,

  • Three times a week, I will do a work out routine, wither at the gym or at home.

  • Try and improve mental health by creating a healthy space and routines, i.e. wake up at 7:30, meditate for 10 mins a day.

Join me in a week to see what I have worked out what to do!


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